"Our Bees are Family!"

We Love Our Bees

Our Queens are produced in small batches, using only the biggest and best queen cells, creating consistent quality.

Buckets of Honey

We make queens who produce bees that get the job done. If making honey is your goal, look no further!

Enjoy your Bees

Our breeder queens are selected for gentleness and stability on the comb.

Make it through Winter

These bees laugh at cold; bred from over-wintered stock, with bees currently living in Daniel Boone National Forest. They winter in smaller clusters, using their resources more efficiently to increase colony survival!

Fight the Mite

Sterling queens are grafted from queens that have mite resistant traits. These traits in addition to a good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy, will help your bees live long, healthy lives.

Our Promise: Sterling queens are healthy queens, locally-raised and bred in Daniel Boone National Forest with

no synthetic miticides ever!